Established in 1997, QEC is a specialised regulatory and technical consultancy, working across the fields of environmental, safety, hazardous substances, and food safety. We provide consultancy, training, auditing, assessment and certification services throughout New Zealand. Our staff are experienced and tertiary qualified.

QEC is the only IANZ Accredited hazardous substance inspection body in NZ. Our inspection services and business management for compliance certification is thoroughly and independently audited by IANZ ensuring our assessors are providing you a robust and reliable service for handlers, locations, stationary containers, cylinders, fillers, tank design and fabrication. 

QEC is an MPI approved food verification agency, our verifiers can audit and verify national programmes and template food safety plans. 

QEC is an accredited audit and certification agent to the Warranty Standards accreditation programme, approved by International Certifications Ltd. The standards include the Quality, Eco, Work Safe, Safe Food and Risk Management. Our auditors hold international registration with either EXEMPLAR or Warranty Standards. Our auditors are skilled in working in a variety of work places with different environments, cultures, and hazards.

QEC is contracted to ACC to provide senior audit services for auditor peer review and the accredited employer programme (AEP).

We have a well earned reputation for excellence and our specialised industry and regulatory knowledge enables us to provide our clients with consultancy across the fields of quality, health and safety, food, and environmental management.

Our staff

Leigh-Anne Peake

Managing Director

Education and Training:

Bachelor of Science (earth science)
Diploma of Environmental Management
Diploma Occupational Health and Safety
Certificate in Quality Assurance
EXEMPLAR Lead Environmental Auditor
ACC Approved Senior Auditor AEP
HNSO Compliance Certifier – locations, approved handlers, tanks (TST0036)

Key Activities:
Client and project management
Site assessments and audits
Management system development
Safety culture development
HSNO location compliance certificates
HSNO Certified Handler certification
Auditing- compliance, risk, health and safety, quality

Leigh-Anne has managed and expanded QEC since 1997. Her background is predominantly chemical industry, however over the years she has gained experience across a range of sectors, including manufacturing, forestry, food, education, compliance, resource consents, waste, contaminated sites, plant and machinery. Leigh-Anne is a specialist auditor trainer and her skills are highly sought after. Over the years, many of QEC's clients have achieved their goals and objectives with input and coaching from Leigh-Anne. 

Contact Leigh-Anne on 07 827 0075 ext 19

Andrew Peake

Account Manager, Impartiality Manager

Key Activities:
Inspection body appeal management 

Andrew has many years' experience running commercial businesses. He looks after the accounting function for QEC and is keen to further develop commercial relationships with QEC's many existing and future clients. He is also provides independence and impartiality for our inspection body procedures. 

Andrew, under instruction from the girls, is learning to make coffee and is progressing well.

Contact Andrew on 07 827 0075 ext 15

Jess Brueck
Hazardous Substance Auditor

Education and Training
BSc (Animal Science)
Auditing Quality Management Systems Certificate
Introductory Meat HACCP
National Microbial Database (NMD) Certified Trainer

Key Activities
Site assessments and audits
Jess joined QEC in January 2020 as a hazardous substance auditor. Her background is mainly in primary and secondary processing in the New Zealand meat industry. Prior to coming to QEC Jess worked as an internal auditor and sampler. Jess is responsible for Location Compliance Certificate site assessments and reports. 

Contact Jess on or 07 827 0075 ext 20

Simon Drumm

Education and Training
Diploma of Adult Education Level 6
National Cert Gantry crane operation
National Cert truck Loader crane
National Cert Health and Safety
National Cert Hand Operated Fire Fighting Equipment
National Cert Fire Detection and Alarm systems
National Cert Seafood Operations

Key Activities
Simon has years of experience delivering safety, chemical handling and spill awareness NZQA courses to various industries. He has industry experience in dangerous goods, marine, health and safety, quality.

Contact Simon on or 07 827 0075 ext 0 

Clients success

Greenstone TV Achieves Worksafe Warranty Certification

June 2020. Congratulations to the team at Greenstone TV for their second successful Worksafe Warranty audit. Their health and safety programme has been maintained to the standard for over two years! 

Associated Auctioneers Consent Compliance Perfection!

During 2018 renewal of the stormwater discharge consent for the Tuakau Saleyards, the site received an enviable status remark from Waikato Regional Council Resource Officer Kent Russell.

"I appreciate that the site has a superb compliance record in terms of BOD".
QEC has been managing the consent applications, and monitoring the discharge for 13 years and has achieved 100% for its sampling and consent reporting compliance requirements! If you want complete peace of mind with your discharge consents, then you need to be working with QEC. Better Safer Business. Its that simple. 

South Pacific Pictures Achieves Worksafe Warranty Certification

Congratulations to Mel Jones and the team working Hard at South Pacific Pictures Ltd who successfully passed their first Worksafe Warranty Audit July 2017. These guys produce Shortland Street, so next time you are watching a bit of your favourite soap, you can be assured that all the systems, including some great stunts, are all managed with a safety first attitude. After the audit Mel noted "the Audit was incredibly beneficial. Thanks so much for the recommendations". Contact us at QEC if you would like to know more about Worksafe Warranty accreditation in your business,

Shortland St Set

Shortland St Set

20 Years EXEMPLAR Registered Senior Auditor

April 2017
Our Managing Director Leigh-Anne Peake has been an internationally accredited Senior Environmental (and safety and quality) Auditor with EXEMPLAR Global for an impressive 20 YEARS! This means she has completed 20 years of compulsory professional development, conducted audits, undergone peer review, re-registrations, and supported EXEMPLAR with auditor exam development for 20 consecutive years.

Compliments & Feedback

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