Hazardous Substance Awareness, Yamaha Oct 2018

“I found this course very informative and helpful in the functions I carry out in our workplace. Thank you.”

“Excellent presentation. “

“Great course & tutor.”

“A real eye opener.  Valuable information going forward.”

Certified Handler 2 day course April 2018

Thank you for putting on such an informative course, I learned a great deal last week in the Certified Handler course.

Marion Buckley-Smith PhD PROGRAMME LEADER - CHEMISTRY Global Proficiency

Lawter Permit to Work - Issue and Receive, Oct Nov 2017

“Great course, the whole course.”

 “All of the course was relevant to me.”

Presenter: "Good knowledge, well presented."

Increasing "Permit knowledge" was most useful.

Auditing active permits on site was most  useful

Very factual, well presented

I learnt when to use permits 

PCBU Responsibilities Under HSWA Seminar CHH Woodproducts, Nov 2017

"Very much  enjoyed the learning experience"

 "Very thorough and easy to understand - presented well"

"Good presentation, very difficult subject. Trainer did well"

"Definition of hazard classes and cause and effect of different classes was great"

"Storage and chemical handling information was useful"

Two Day Approved Handler Course, class 2-9 Oct 2017

"..I now know what all the classes and subclasses mean, and the dangers of each. Very Useful"

"I like the practical parts/visual parts"

 "Mary was very knowledgeable on the subject with good examples"

"Mary was very clear and continually checked that the class understand before moving on - excellent"

"Really enjoyed and needed the class activities - welcome break from sitting and listening!"

"Workbook provides a reference booklet, brought a lot of info to one place"

Hazard Identification and Intro to Risk Management, Lawter Chemicals September 2017

“Learnt heaps, very informative and was easy to follow."

“Understanding our risk matrix scoring and job safety analysis was the most useful part of the course.”

“Very good (presenter, assessment material)” 

Fire warden and extinguisher, Wintec, August 2017

"So much better than the same course by some other clowns a few years ago! Wicked!"

"Thanks heaps. I now have the confidence to know what to do in the event of fire. Cheers."

"Very well presented course, thank you."

June 2017 Auditing Skills, Auckland Airport

  • “The course provided good foundation information that along with practical experience will compliment my auditing role.”
  •  “Good pace..”
  • “…very thorough”
  • “great delivery, witty and memorable”
  • “practical tips from (Leigh-Anne) experience were invaluable.”

April 2017 Approved Handler for Toxic, Corrosive and Ecotoxic Substances - Laminex Hamilton

"Very good course and tutor, this will be an asset to our business." Dal G.

Feb 2017, Two Day Approved Handler Course Class 2-9, Ecolab, Hamilton

"Plenty of information very informative and delivered in a way that was easy to take in."
"Trainers did a great job presenting the wealth of knowledge on this, a very detailed subject."
"Very useful, lots of finer detail to augment my broader understanding. Was good to have the presenters share their experiences." Peter Bird, NZ Supply Chain Manager.
"I feel that i am better informed and have confidence to identify hazards and talk to staff about how we store hazardous substances in our workplace." Mark Williams.

February 2017, Two Day Approved Handler Class 2 - 9.
"The course was UNRESERVEDLY EXCELLENT!" Alan Bennet, Lawter.
"Mary and Adrea are both very competent and knowledgeable of the subject matter. I gained better understanding of best practice to handle hazardous substances." Jorge Garbin, Virbac.
"I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative and will find the knowledge gained very useful in my job." Darrin Greaves, Quality Control Manager, Virbac.


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