On Line Certified Handler Training July 2019

Lots of information but in an easy to retain way with easy navigation within the site. The most valuable part for me is that I believe this will be beneficial for other staff members who struggle with learning difficulties with some parts of it being multichoice.

Certified Handler 2 day course April 2019

"Great Course! Provided heaps and heaps of useful and applicable info/tips and guidelines for day to day use at work. Presented in a friendly and easy to grasp way. Loved it!"

"Very knowledgeable and friendly instructor. Good engagement. Practical activities good to break up some dense information.:"

Certified Handler 2 day course Feb 2019

Really liked the course material and instructor.

Catering was really good.

Videos and pictures made the course interesting.

Two days was a good timeframe for the amount of content. 

Enjoyed the structure and content. 

University of Canterbury certified handler Nov 2018

"Really excellent course, learnt lots.”

"The course was very useful & provided a good level of understanding to a mixed audience.  The trainer was very helpful and able to cope well with all Q's asked.  This was great especially with a group of people who tend to over think all the Q's."

"Learnt heaps which will assist me in my H&S Advisor role. Many thanks."

"Very well presented for learning outcomes (for me anyway - it really suited).  Thanks!"

Hazardous Substance Awareness, Yamaha Oct 2018

“I found this course very informative and helpful in the functions I carry out in our workplace. Thank you.”

“Excellent presentation. “

“Great course & tutor.”

“A real eye opener.  Valuable information going forward.”

Certified Handler 2 day course April 2018

Thank you for putting on such an informative course, I learned a great deal last week in the Certified Handler course.

Marion Buckley-Smith PhD PROGRAMME LEADER - CHEMISTRY Global Proficiency

PCBU Responsibilities Under HSWA Seminar CHH Woodproducts, Nov 2017

"Very much  enjoyed the learning experience"

 "Very thorough and easy to understand - presented well"

"Good presentation, very difficult subject. Trainer did well"

"Definition of hazard classes and cause and effect of different classes was great"

"Storage and chemical handling information was useful"

Lawter Permit to Work - Issue and Receive, Oct Nov 2017

“Great course, the whole course.”

 “All of the course was relevant to me.”

Presenter: "Good knowledge, well presented."

Increasing "Permit knowledge" was most useful.

Auditing active permits on site was most  useful

Very factual, well presented

I learnt when to use permits 

Two Day Approved Handler Course, class 2-9 Oct 2017

"..I now know what all the classes and subclasses mean, and the dangers of each. Very Useful"

"I like the practical parts/visual parts"

 "Mary was very knowledgeable on the subject with good examples"

"Mary was very clear and continually checked that the class understand before moving on - excellent"

"Really enjoyed and needed the class activities - welcome break from sitting and listening!"

"Workbook provides a reference booklet, brought a lot of info to one place"

Hazard Identification and Intro to Risk Management, Lawter Chemicals September 2017

“Learnt heaps, very informative and was easy to follow."

“Understanding our risk matrix scoring and job safety analysis was the most useful part of the course.”

“Very good (presenter, assessment material)” 


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