QEC staff have the expertise and qualifications to assist in a wide range of audits, including the development of both internal and external audit schedules and templates, and conducting objective audits to ensure confidence in your own procedures and management systems, or those of you suppliers or subcontractors.

Our team of professional auditors ensure a friendly, non-bias approach is taken in every audit, and aim to make the process as stress free as possible for all parties.

Our auditors are suitably qualified, registered, and insured for the assessment being undertaken.

We document audit findings in an easy to interpret manner, highlighting where non-conformances are legislative. All reports contain details of recommendations for improvement, and where applicable encourage best practice principles.

With a strong team specialising in compliance, management systems, and health and safety, QEC can undertake detailed assessments of operations and can customise audit requirements to meet your specific needs.


We provide the following environmental audits:

  • Environmental management - Auditing the practical management of your operations;
  • Environmental management system - Assessment against a specific standard e.g. ISO14001 Eco Warranty;
  • Compliance - Against resource consents, legislation, codes of practice;
  • Facilities and processes - Assessment of operations, maintenance, process equipment;
  • Contaminated sites - Independent pre purchase assessment and post contamination control.
  • Our auditors are registered and approved by EXEMPLAR and Warranty Standards.

Health and Safety

QEC offers the following health and safety audit services:

  • ACC Accredited Employer Programme AEP
  • Assessment of best practice and legal compliance
  • Health and safety management - Auditing the practical management of your operations
  • Health and safety management systems - Assessment against a specific Standard eg: AS/NZS 45001, Food Safe Warranty, Work Safe Warranty and Risk Warranty
  • Compliance against legislation and Codes of Practice
  • Risk audits and Bowtie analysis 

Our auditors are registered and approved by EXEMPLAR, ACC and Warranty Standards.


QEC provides quality management system auditing services to a wide variety of industry sectors including Manufacturing, Chemical, Social Services, Government, Agricultural, Science and Education. In particular, we offer:

  • Quality management - Auditng the practical management of your operations
  • Quality management systems - Assessment against a specific Standard eg: ISO 9001, Quality Warranty, Food Safe Warranty and On-Time Warranty

Our auditors are registered and approved by EXEMPLAR and Warranty Standards.

Cleaner Production

We have a proven track record providing cleaner production services to industry, in particular for trade waste dischargers applying for trade waste consents.

During cleaner production assessments we quantify and assess the cost of both solid and liquid waste streams and energy consumption to identify areas of potential improvement. Our cleaner production audits encourage reduction, reuse, recycling and diversion of waste and outline methods to achieve water and energy reduction where possible.

With a strong qualified team specialising in chemical compliance, resource consents, wastewater treatment and health and safety, QEC can assess the status of operations and can customise cleaner production audit requirements to meet specific needs.

Post audit, QEC can further assist by implementing cleaner production techniques to ensure the maximum benefits are obtained.


Food Safety Verification for Food Sellers

QEC Ltd is an MPI Recognised Agency under the Food Act 2014 and is able to perform specialist functions and activities, including verification of all levels of National Programmes and template Food Control Plan outside Councils’ exclusivity. 

QEC is approved to provide remote verification which means a site visit is not always required.

 As your verifier, QEC will work with you to manage the food safety risks, and aim to lift you to the highest level of performance.


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