Leigh-Anne Peake

" We would like to acknowledge your good performance. No non conformances raised." Team Leader Hazardous Substances (20/5/15). Worksafe. Test Certifier 2015 Competence Audit.

"Intuitive and perceptive, strategically good, respects her customer and delivers!"
Tony Moffat (1/10/13). Lincoln University New Zealand, Business Development Manager.

Fiona Forrest

June 2017 Worksafe peer review of test certifier Fiona Forrest competence. This audit was undertaken to verify whether the test certifier Fiona Forrest had assessed the location consistent with the requirements of regulation 81 of the Hazardous Substances (Classes 1 to 5 Controls) Regulations for the issuing of a location test certificate. The audit found that the test certifier has fully addressed all the regulatory requirements for a location test certificate. There were no issues identified and no opportunity for improvement noted. A perfect peer review. Congratulations Fiona!


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