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Ecolab Tank Farm Taking Shape

Its great to see the plans taking shape and new tank farm being constructed, January 2018. QEC and Ecolab have worked closely over the past several years, from planning, to application for resource consent, contaminated soil management plan, stormwater agreements and compliance auditing. ...

January 25, 2018

Cage Free Hens Getting Closer

The past few months have seen one of the most notable victories in New Zealand animal protection history where our largest supermarket chain, Countdown, has committed to phase out cage eggs. This game-changing victory for hens is due to our months of tireless campaigning – contacting supermarkets, speaking out on social media, signing petitions and supporting SAFE's tv campaign. This will change the lives of 400,000 hens. A life of compassion and advocacy begins with an understanding of ani...

June 13, 2017

QEC Managing Director achieves 20 years International Auditor Registration

April 2017 Our Managing Director Leigh-Anne Peake has been an internationally accredited Senior Environmental (and safety and quality) Auditor with EXEMPLAR Global for an impressive 20 YEARS! This means she has completed 20 years of compulsory professional development, conducted audits, undergone peer review, re-registrations, and supported EXEMPLAR with auditor exam development for 20 consecutive years....

April 20, 2017

New post

Resources from WorkSafe New Zealand Approved Code of Practice for the Management and Removal of Asbestos This Approved Code of Practice sets out WorkSafe New Zealand's expectations about how to comply with asbestos health and safety law, including the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016. The commencement date for the ACoP was 3 November 2016. It is divided into different Parts depending on whether you are: a PCBU with management or control of a workplace that might have ...

November 23, 2016

ACC’s levy consultation started 21st September 2016

I thought you would like to know it is all now up on the website . Link to workplace incentives is - . ...

September 22, 2016

If you buy health and safety advice, make sure it’s the right advice

Good health and safety practice is not something you can just buy off the shelf, and farmers need to build health and safety into everyday activity on farm. WorkSafe's Programme Manager, Al McCone, says while many will want to get consultants in to give them expert advice, there is no single product or document that is a silver bullet for safety. PCBUs should only employ competent and qualified professional health and safety advisors. "When selecting a new contractor or buying equipment, busin...

June 28, 2016

The Health and Safety at Work (HSW) Act came into force today.

The Health and Safety at Work (HSW) Act came into force today. This is an important step in the Government's response to improve the high rate of fatalities and serious harm injuries in New Zealand's workplaces. Information on the Act is available on the websites for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment ( and WorkSafe New Zealand ( These websites c...

April 4, 2016

Hamilton City Council to be prosecuted over death of zoo keeper

WorkSafe New Zealand has announced it will prosecute the Hamilton City Council over the death of zookeeper Samantha Kudeweh in September last year.Mrs Kudeweh died after she was attacked by male Sumatran tiger, Oz, while carrying out duties inside the animal enclosure. The charge laid by WorkSafe alleges the Council breached Section 6 of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 by failing to take all practical steps to ensure Mrs Kudeweh was not exposed to hazards arising out of working wit...

March 18, 2016

New post

Important - Your new legal obligation as an importer and manufacturer of hazardous substances If you import or manufacture hazardous substances for sale or commercial use, read this. New rules coming into effect on 19 November 2015 that will require importers or manufacturers of hazardous substances to provide their contact information to the Environmental Protection Authority.Your details must be provided within 30 days of the first time you import or manufacture a hazardous substance.If you ...

October 23, 2015

Tiger Death may have been preventable

September 24, 2015

New One Day Course, Write a Job Procedure

This one day course will provide you with the skills required to write a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP); also known as task instruction, or work procedure. You will understand how to write an SOP, in terms of: Identifying the job in terms of its key purpose and audience Ensuring information is complete, ordered, concise, technically accurate, and matches the identified job Describing job components as outcomes and presenting as a series of steps Checks to be made and possible const...

September 21, 2015

HS reform proposed high risk sectors

Below is the proposed list of high risk industries / sectors proposed under the new reforms. Potential for catastrophic risk B070 Oil and Gas Extraction B080 Metal Ore Mining B099 Other Non-Metallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying B101 Exploration B109 Other Mining Support Services C151 Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing C152 Converted Paper Product Manufacturing C170 Petroleum Refining and Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing C181 Chemical Manufacturing C182 Basic Polymer Manu...

August 20, 2015

Approved Handler Renewal

Approved Handler renewal course, half day Cambridge August 19th. $315.00 per person, spaces left, book now

July 29, 2015

Who wants to attend a hazard id course? seeking interested persons,

our next course is in Cambridge on the 27 and 28 July 2015. the course has unit standard 20645 and 20733 if you require these. contact us to register...

July 17, 2015


Waiata has been in the pre-release pens for two and a half months now and is doing really well. He has been able to experience what life is like with fluctuating temperatures, weather, plants and soil with roots and more worms and insects to search for! Waiata is still sharing a pen with his pen-mate, Kowhai, who at 1,300g is currently about 400g heavier than Waiata's 940 grams! But Waiata isn't letting Kowhai eat all of the pies!!! His weight has been increasing steadily after he has become ac...

May 15, 2015


Finally it was time for Waiata to head off to Motuara Island, the rowi crèche island in Marlborough Sounds. Firstly, Waiata and his cohort mates had to be fitted with radio transmitters on their upper thigh. They had to be woken up from their daylight sleep to for their fitting the day before their move. These light-weight transmitters ensure that they can be found again to check on their progress and for health check-ups....

May 15, 2015

February 2015 Projects

AsureQuality -DDVP insecticide approved handler competence assessments for fruit fly outbreak trapping James Hardie – permit to work and hazard id training and assessment Tatua Dairy Company – Development of Water Safety Plan ...

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