HS reform proposed high risk sectors

Below is the proposed list of high risk industries / sectors proposed under the new reforms.
Potential for catastrophic risk
B070 Oil and Gas Extraction
B080 Metal Ore Mining
B099 Other Non-Metallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying
B101 Exploration
B109 Other Mining Support Services
C151 Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing
C152 Converted Paper Product Manufacturing
C170 Petroleum Refining and Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing
C181 Chemical Manufacturing
C182 Basic Polymer Manufacturing
C183 Fertiliser and Pesticide Manufacturing
C184 Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing
C185 Cleaning Compound and Toiletry Preparation Manufacturing
C189 Other Basic Chemical Product Manufacturing
C192 Natural Rubber Product Manufacturing
D261 Electricity Generation
D263 Electricity Distribution
D264 On Selling Electricity and Electricity Market Operation
D270 Gas Supply
I471 Rail Freight Transport
I472 Rail Passenger Transport
I481 Water Freight Transport
I482 Water Passenger Transport
I490 Air and Space Transport
I501 Scenic and Sightseeing Transport
I530 Warehousing and Storage Services

High standardised rates of fatality and severe injury
A015 Other Crop Growing
A019 Other Livestock Farming
A020 Aquaculture
A030 Forestry and Logging
A041 Fishing
A042 Hunting and Trapping
B060 Coal Mining
C111 Meat and Meat Product Manufacturing
C113 Dairy Product Manufacturing
C115 Oil and Fat Manufacturing
C116 Grain Mill and Cereal Product Manufacturing
C132 Leather Tanning and Fur Dressing
C141 Log Sawmilling and Timber Dressing
C212 Basic Ferrous Metal Product Manufacturing
C229 Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
D262 Electricity Transmission
D281 Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Services
D292 Waste Treatment, Disposal and Remediation Services
I461 Road Freight Transport
I502 Pipeline and Other Transport
I521 Water Transport Support Services
L662 Farm Animal and Bloodstock Leasing
R912 Horse and Dog Racing Activities
R913 Amusement and Other Recreation Activities

High risk of asbestos exposure

E301 Residential Building Construction

E302 Non-Residential Building Construction

E310 Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

E322 Building Structure Services

E323 Building Installation Services

E324 Building Completion Services

E329 Other Construction Services


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