Civil Defence Cabinets


Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and its amendments, there is a requirement to look after your staff during an emergency, this includes Civil Defence emergencies. Some businesses such as life line utilities, government departments, emergency services and local authorities have further obligations under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002. Many Occupational Health and Safety practitioners are now recommending that workplaces have a store of food for their staff for 72 hours.

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  • Constructed from zinc coated steel to protect from fire and vandalism damage
  • Emergency smash glass for immediate access to key
  • Powder coated in hard wearing Civil Defence
  • Orange for easy identification (other colours available)
  • Wide opening doors to allow for easy access to contents
  • Civil Defence labels on both doors
  • Three point locking system
  • Adjustable shelves for storing contents
Small Civil Defence Storage Cabinet

1000mm High x 1000mm Wide x 463mm Deep

1 Adjustable Shelf and Base to Allow Water Storage in Bottom of Cabinet

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Medium Civil Defence Storage Cabinet

1800mm High x 1000mm Wide x 463mm Deep
Allows Room for a ladder to go Inside Cabinet

Large Civil Defence Storage Cabinet

2054mm High x 1000mm Wide x 463mm Deep
Special layout to allow 2 metre board stretcher to be stored inside

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