Warden, Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher


Do you know how to suppress a fire with a hand held fire extinguisher?

Do you understand the types of fire extinguishers for different types of fire?

Do you need to know and understand what it is required of a warden?


This one-day course offers theory and practical components that will provide you with knowledge of how fires start and evolve, how to fight different types of fires and the role of a warden during emergency.

Who should attend:

  • Fire wardens
  • Emergency team members
  • Handlers of combustible materials

Learner Outcomes

Successful completion of this course will enable a person to identify, develop and implement the correct strategy to suppress specific fires and the roles and responsibilities of an emergency response warden. Gain knowledge in:

  • Different types of fires and basic fire science
  • Common fire hazards
  • Different types of fire extinguishers specific to fire classifications
  • How to physically use fire extinguishers ยท How to develop correct risk assessment strategy to suppress specific fire types
  • Practical use of CO2, ABE Dry Powder extinguishers
  • Options around alternative method of fire extinguishing
  • Warden responsibility, operations, and procedures in event of an emergency in context to your specific organisational policies and practices.

Student Feedback

"So much better than the same course by some other clowns a few years ago! Wicked!"

Unit Standards 

Participants will be provided with the opportunity to complete and achieve the following unit standards:

Number Title Level Credits
3271 Suppress fire with hand extinguishers and fixed hose reels 2 1
4647 Explain principles of fire science 2 1
18408 DKO fire and emergency warden duties in the workplace 3 3

Delivery Mode

This course is only available at your place of work. The course may be altered to suit your own requirements while still meeting the course objectives.




$225.00 + GST per participant (minimum 10, maximum 14 participants)

The cost includes:

  • Unit standard delivery, assessment and reporting to NZQA
  • All course materials including booklets and other reference materials
  • Course certificate 


Before registering please ensure you have read and understood our training course general information, terms and conditions, note the name and date of the course you would like to attend, then click on register.

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