Write a Job Procedure/SOP/Task Instruction Unit Standard 9703



Do you have work procedures that require written instructions?

Do you need to write a standard operating procedure and don't know where to start?

This course is for you!

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This one day course will provide you with the skills required to write a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP); also known as task instruction, or work procedure.

Who should attend:
Those seeking to learn best practice for writing SOPs, work procedures or task instructions

Learner outcomes:
Successful completion of this course and assessment will demonstrate knowledge of job procedure writing as required for NZQA unit standard 9703 (write a job procedure - level 5, 3 credits).

Gain knowledge and experience in:
  • How to write an SOP, in terms of:
    • Identifying the job in terms of its key purpose and audience
    • Ensuring information is complete, ordered, concise, technically accurate, and matches the identified job
    • Describing job components as outcomes and presenting as a series of steps
    • Checks to be made and possible constraints
    • Language, style, and terminology
    • Effective use of graphics

Trainers / Assessors:
Leigh-Anne Peake

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