Fill and Label Containers - US 20298 & 20299


NZQA Unit standard 20298 - Fill and Close Containers

NZQA Unit standard 20299 - Label Containers Manually

Do you work in the Manufacturing, Processing industry?

Are you decanting, downpacking, weighing, and labelling hazardous substances, powders or liquids?


Supply workers with training and instruction in relation to the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017 in relation to  identifying, weighing, packing, and labelling  of  containers holding powders and liquids.

This half day course will provide workers with the knowledge and training to read batch sheets, prepare to package, weigh, and package products in containers as well as preparing to manually label containers, and manually label containers. 

Onsite Courses: 

We can come and deliver this training onsite at your premises. To inquire about onsite options for your company please register your interest.

Public Courses: 
From time to time this course will be offered as a public course delivered out of our Cambridge premises. Register your interest.

Who should attend

  • Workers in  manufacturing processes, which could include hazardous substances or food, Materials Processing, and Can Making  that use batch sheets, select, weigh, decant, downpack, and label hazardous containers.
  • Managers interested in developing better manufacturing processes.

Learner Outcomes

Successful completion of this course and assessment will demonstrate knowledge to package products in containers and to manually label containers as required for NZQA unit standard 20298 and 20299.  

Gaining knowledge and experience in:

  • Substance composition; solids and liquids;
  • Using standard operating procedures and completing documentation;
  • Identifying hazards and ensuring safety precautions are taken;
  • PPE requirements;
  • Reading batch sheets and matching them with manufactured products;
  • Dispensing and weighing products;
  • Safe filling and closing of containers;
  • Quality control including correct labelling.

Course Costs:
Public Course: $300.00 plus GST. 
On Site: To inquire about onsite options for your company please register your interest 

Trainers / Assessors:
Leigh-Anne Peake
Adrea Noyes 

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