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This level 3 training scheme is intended for individuals who are currently, or may in the near future be, in the New Zealand workforce. It provides participants with foundation knowledge and skills of health and safety, to understand and work safely in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) and its associated regulations, and or company processes where relevant.

Flexibility & Relevance

Our NZQA approved training scheme (New Zealand Certificate) is structured to allow great flexibility to meet the needs of you, the employer, your workers and your business. You choose three elective modules to complement the four compulsory modules. By working with you in the lead up to delivery, we ensure that this training scheme is underlined with reference and relevance to your workplace and company requirements ensuring the scheme has direct and immediate relevance to your workplace.

Delivery Modes
Face to face Workshops:
The core delivery method is via face to face workshops on-site at your place of work or at a suitable training venue. Workshops will be run once a week over seven (7) weeks by our experienced tutors. Tutors will lead the delivery of information along with the facilitation of discussions and learning activities. Learner participation and input is strongly encouraged.

  • Workplace Learning:
    • Measured at-work hours focus on the application of concepts and information presented in the workshops. Responsible persons or supervisors will verify the student has applied learning at work
  • Self-Directed & Online Learning:
    • The face to face workshops and at work application are supported by self-directed learning. This includes online activities where students review the material and engage with additional activities.

We can deliver the training at your workplace or our training facility.

Completion Requirements:
Successful completion of the Training Scheme is achieved by:

  1. Attendance at Training Workshops over 7 modules;
  2. 100% score for Training Workshop Assessments for 7 modules;
  3. 8 hours applying learning at the workplace for each of the 7 modules;
  4. 100% score for online component for each of the 7 modules.
  5. Students are permitted two resits for each assessment.

Training Scheme Modules:
There are seven learning modules, four of which are compulsory and three elective. Participants will be provided with foundation knowledge and strategies for demonstrating safe workplace behaviour, implementing safe work practices, and communicating in the workplace.

Compulsory Modules

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Health & Safety in the NZ Workplace (4 hours)
  • Module 2 - Introduction to Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (8 hours)
  • Module 3 - Complete Health & Safety Documentation & Risk Assessment (4 hours)
  • Module 4 - Use and Maintain Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace (4 hours)

Elective Modules (choose any three)

  • Module 5 - Correct Manual Handling (4 hours)
  • Module 6 - Awareness of Fatigue in the Workplace (4 hours)
  • Module 7 - Awareness of Drug and Alcohol Issues in the Workplace (4 hours)
  • Module 8 - Introduction to Noise and Hearing Conservation (4 hours)
  • Module 9 - Hazardous Substance Awareness (4 hours)

Unit Standards
On completion of the Health and Safety Foundation Skills Certificate, students will have met the requirements of the following unit standards:

  • 497 - Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements (Level 1, 3 Credits
  • 17593 - Apply safe work practices in the workplace (Level 2, 4 Credits)
  • 30265 -  Apply health and safety risk assessment to a job role (Level 3, 8 Credits)
  • 3490 - Complete an incident report (Level 1, 2 Credits)
  • 3492 - Write a short report (Level 2, 3 Credits)

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