Perry Metal Spill & Health 2016


Chemical safety awareness prevents accidents and helps people respond to emergencies.

QEC facilitated the course to ensure employees were familiar with the chemicals they handle and the health and environmental impacts of them, including emergency response.

The training involved classroom training and assessment, and a fun sculpture contest using the materials found inside the spill kit.

Chemical Safety Session

The session covered chemicals present on site, the hazard classes applicable to them, related symbols and pictograms, the effect to humans and environment, personal protective equipment, emergency response and spill kit use.

Attendees also learned what information they could find in a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) about handling a chemical, such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Sculpture contest

The group was spilt into two teams, and had a competition to make the most interesting sculpture using the materials in the spill kit. For many this was the first time they had handled the contents of a spill kit, and this activity familiarized them with the contents and use of their site spill kit.

Written exercise

A written exercise was carried out using a photo from their site simulating a spill. This consolidated what they had learned about the health hazards of their products, and how to deal with a spill on their site.

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