Practicing your emergency plan just makes good sense. You also have to do it under the HSNO Emergency Management Regulations. Annual testing ensures that processes and actions undertaken by staff in the event of an emergency are practicable and effective.

At Laminex we designed, facilitated and debriefed theory and practical training specific to their emergency plan. 


The workers were enthusiastic and had fun.  They were tested on knowledge of SDS, first aid, PPE selection, and loss of containment for their chemicals.  Spill kits were identified and the simulated spill contained as per the emergency plan.  Workers took the simulation seriously taking all precautions necessary to protect themselves and the environment.


A debrief was conducted after the event. The workers at Laminex made some fantastic observations and suggestions for improvement in regards to their procedures.

If you would like a similar emergency scenario at your place of work, contact us: or on 07 827 0075


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