Food Safety Verification for
Food Sellers


Food Safety Verification for Food Sellers

Under the Food Act 2014, most businesses that sell or provide food in New Zealand are required to operate a registered Food Control Plan or National Programme.  These risk based measures must be independently verified to ensure food is safe and suitable to eat.

‚ÄčNational Programmes

Lower risk food businesses meet the requirements of the Food Act 2014 by operating a National Programme.  You are required to register your business, meet the food safety standards, keep some records, and have your food programme verified to ensure you are  producing safe and suitable food. There are three levels of National Programme.

National Programme 1

National Programme 1 is for the lowest risk food businesses, e.g. honey extractors or packers, growers of fresh fruit and vegetables, sellers of packaged ice creams or ice blocks etc.

National Programme 2

National Programme 2 is for medium risk food businesses, e.g., bakers of bread,  manufacturers of crisps, popcorn and other snack foods, sellers of chilled or frozen foods, servers of food at early childhood education centres.

National Programme 3

National Programme 3 is used by businesses with a higher food safety risk, e.g., manufacturers of alcoholic beverages other than wine, manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages, processors of grain, herbs or spices, those who handle food for retail, etc.

Template Food Control Plans

Anyone who supplies food that is a high food safety risk needs to operate a registered Food Control Plan. 

MPI has created templates for control plans for use by cheesemakers, food service and food retail businesses.  Additionally, there are a number of industry-created templates available.

The templates are written plans that set out the things you need to do to make sure the food you are selling is safe and suitable.  The templates have been pre-evaluated by MPI to ensure the risks for the food you produce have been identified and are managed by the plan.

What we offer

Independent verification that your national programme or food control plan is suitable and being used correctly is a regulatory requirement.

When you register your National Programme or template Food Control Plan  you may need to choose a verifier.

QEC Ltd is applying to become an MPI Recognised Agency, authorised to act on behalf of MPI to verify National Programmes and template Food Control Plans which are registered with MPI.  If you register a template Food Control Plan with your local council, your council will be your verifier.

Verification is performance based.  The businesses that manage food safety risks the best will be verified the least.

As your verifier, QEC will work with you to manage the food safety risks, and aim to lift you to the highest level of performance.

Food Safety Training

One of the key factors of all National Programmes and Food Control Plans is training your staff in how to keep food safe.

QEC can train your staff in the principals of food safety, so they understand why they need to complete the steps in your National Programme or Food Control Plan.

On completion of training, your staff will receive a certificate, which you can use to show your customers  you are committed to providing them with safe food.


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