• Trade waste consents.
  • Storm water discharge consents.
  • Air discharge consents.
  • Treated effluent discharge consents.
  • Land use consents.

Getting it right the first time is fundamental to the success of resource consent applications. Our consultants work closely with you and council, and have a practical understanding of your business needs. We are equipped with the best sampling equipment, to guarantee results.

QEC can help:

  • Identify and prepare your assessment of environmental effects;
  • Undertake consultation with affected parties impartially to ensure their issues are dealt with 'before' application;
  • Undertake cleaner production audits for trade waste consents;
  • Put together a comprehensive application package for Regional or District Council;
  • Design and implement post consent monitoring and reporting programmes, this may include sampling, lab analysis and council reporting;
  • Manage consent milestones, such as reporting and expiry dates and renewal applications.

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