Our HSNO consultants assisted in lodging a section 33 variation and securing approval from the Environmental Protection Authority (now Worksafe New Zealand) to reduce the controlled zone generated by their hydrogen facility. The process involved technical research; the erection of a 240/240/240 fire rated wall; and collaboration with the authority, the affected party, engineers, and other specialists involved in the project.

Subsequently, our resource management team assisted in successfully securing a land use consent for the establishment of hazardous substance facility in an industrial zone from the Hamilton City Council.

For more information on Industrial Tube, visit their website on https://www.industrialtube.co.nz/

If you would like our advice and support in lodging a section 33 controlled zone reduction to Worksafe New Zealand or in securing a land use consent from your respective council, contact us at info@qec.co.nz.


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