WINTEC Fire Safety Training 2017

Wintec staff loved the fire training and warden course! This course highlighted the need to be prepared for emergency by training people in the roles and responsibilities of an emergency warden and preparing people with the correct strategy to supress fire.

Attendees left with new found appreciation for fire safety, fire warden duties, and confidence to use a fire extinguisher correctly. Skills which are not only beneficial in the workplace but also in everyday life.

As you can see from the photos this course is highly interactive and provides a safe environment in which to practice using fire extinguishers. Multiple fire situations are simulated for hands on fire extinguishing and fire suppression, including a stove top fire (Very handy for all you aspiring Gordon Ramsey’s) and a house fire simulation including a backdraft!!

If you would like fire safety, extinguisher and warden training at your place of work, contact us: or on 07 827 0075 


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