HSNO Approved Handler training with QEC is hands on and interactive! Get up, get moving and learn via activity and group work practical activity to help reinforce theory content.

Let our trainers come to your site, and incorporate your chemicals specifics into the lesson plant. Duration is from half day to 2 days depending on your inventory.

Students will be certified as approved handlers for five years, and can gather unit standards while they train, including 20645, 20733 and 21467.

Onsite training – Skyline Rotorua

February 2017, Skyline Rotorua staff had a great time learning about flammable liquids and became approved handlers. Below are a few photos of students getting involved in hazard categorisation.

QEC in-house training

Our in-house two day approved handler class 2 – 9 course gets students up and moving around. Activities include participation in a hazardous substance incident scenario. We love it when students really get involved! Check out the photos below of some of these great students:

Come and learn why better safer workplaces need approved handlers trained by QEC.

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