Alfa Laval ERP Training

Annual testing of emergency response plans to ensure that every procedure or action is workable and effective is a regulatory requirement under the HSNO Emergency Management Regulations.

QEC assisted to facilitate a theory and desk top practical course at Alfa Laval to ensure employees were familiar with the emergency plan and the location of emergency equipment.

Employees attended a theory session on the hazards of flammable gas. This was followed by a memory test of where the emergency equipment was located including; fire extinguishers, fire hoses, spill kits, and evacuation assembly points. Attendees marked the locations on site plans. Staff were then divided into groups and given scenario cards which they had to place in order in accordance with their emergency response procedures.

Staff worked quickly thorough the site plans and were able to identify the location of their emergency equipment. All staff present were active participants in the desktop training activity. The activity was a good test of memory for office staff who do not enter the workshop often. The group activity helped lead discussion where staff showed good working knowledge of their emergency response procedures for flammable gases.

Staff were enthusiastic and displayed good knowledge of what to do in the event of flammable gas emergencies. A debrief was conducted after the event with key learnings and recommendations for improvement.

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