Regular practicing of emergency scenarios helps businesses to ensure that they have trained, coordinated and appropriate responses to emergency events. Like many other businesses throughout New Zealand Dulux New Zealand regularly undertakes emergency response practising. In 2007 this included a first aid and solvent exposure emergency scenario with "victims" from their own site in Lower Hutt.


Two employees were found on site, one with a "head wound" and another in a semi conscious state with inhalation and skin exposure to xylene a flammable and toxic solvent. First Aiders were called to the incident to attend to the "victims".


First aiders quickly took control of the site and immediately began first aid. Additional staff came to assist and provided assistance and support.


A debrief was conducted post event and recommendations for improvements were identified. All participants dealt with the event in a fast and efficient manner and it was a valuable learning experience for all who were involved.

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