Our team of consultants, trainers and test certifiers can help provide compliance advice and assist at an operational level to achieve compliance for your hazardous substance management regime:

  • Assess your site and operations for compliance, and provide detailed reports.
  • Classify hazardous substances
  • Package labelling, and site signage
  • Prepare compliant safety data sheets
  • Tracking - for highly hazardous substances
  • Emergency response plans - development, training and scenarios
  • Bunding - secondary containment, calculations, design, and supply of portable bunds
  • Building design, including fire rating and controlled zones and hazardous atmosphere zones
  • Spill kit, sale and restock services
  • Compliant disposal of unwanted or waste chemicals

Site Plan Service

Let us prepare your site plan electronically. Compliant plans to show: boundary, controlled zones, hazardous atmosphere zones, location of substances, tanks.

For advanced specialist assistance we have a relationship with the following industry professionals:

Terry Clarkson Electrical (hazardous atmosphere zone electrical compliance)
RJ Nelligan and Associates Ltd (fire engineering assessments for building design)


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